Success Stories


“One of the key aspects I appreciated most about the Business program at Webster was the fact that most of my professors were professionals themselves. Theory was strengthened with live examples through their expertise allowing us to enter the business world in a balanced manner. I am currently still going strong at the same Global Executive Search Firm I did my internship with during my time at Webster!”

Noelle Palmer

BA, InternationalBusiness and Management studies


Rosabelle Illes

“What I enjoyed most during my time at Webster was the international DNA. The teachers, the students and the staff come from different parts of the globe, and they all bring their diverse perspectives into classroom and on campus”.

 Rosabelle Illes
 BA, Psychology


Claire Daniels

“I decided to study at Webster not only because of my ambition to become a successful entrepreneur, but also to become a well-in- formed and cultured individual. The Liberal Arts degree at Webster allowed me to pursue my educational interest in business while giving me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on subjects in Psychology, Media, Arts and International Relations. It also offered me the opportunity to study in the several different Webster campuses worldwide.”

Claire Daniëls
BA, International
Business and Management Studies


“Webster Leiden Campus offers a truly international degree. During my time at Webster I travelled the world. I went to New York for a Model United Nations class, I went to St. Louis (Webster’s home campus) for an internship, and to Webster Thailand to study for a semester. For an international business and international relations student it is vital to experience the cultures a student would otherwise only read about. Webster Leiden Campus opens your eyes to a vastly big world, waiting to be explored.”

Eduardo Boot
BS,Business Administration Current Employer

Master Programs


“The International Relations Master’s Program offers me the in-depth knowledge about international politics that I have always dreamed of getting. The program is preparing me for my future career goals and plans in IR. I have met students from all different kinds of backgrounds and since the campus in Leiden is so small, I felt at home immediately. Applying to the IR program at Webster Leiden was one of the best decisions I have made so far, and I am so excited to keep deepening my knowledge, my friendships, my love for Leiden and my love for Webster for the rest of my life.”

Jamie Lee Jarrett
Program: MA International relations


“Today’s market is putting ever greater demands on young professionals. In sales, customers expect you to know their market and their business challenges and processes better than they do. Therefore, companies are looking for a solid business education when recruiting for any commercial role. There are many business schools that offer this. For me, the Webster MBA stands out because of its practical and interactive approach to teaching. In addition to lectures and books, the real learning happens when working in groups with fellow classmates, building business cases and making presentations.”

Enno van Kersen
Program: MBA



“The MBA courses are internationally oriented and will prepare you for the global market. The flexibility of the program makes it easy to combine your professional and personal life.”

Alex Ashu
Program: MBA



“Webster Leiden Campus enabled me to earn an American accredited degree in Europe. This opportunity linked me to international teachers and friends, expandeding my network. It enriched my global understanding which allowed me to join an international organization.”

Naji Allam
Program: MA International Relations