MBA Defense Dates

MBA Research paper – Important Dates

  • Completed research documents should be approved by advisors and then forwarded to the Head of the Department (by the advisor). This document will be passed on to the members of the defense committee. Students will not be permitted to defend unless their advisor indicates they are ready.
  • Completed research document should be submitted to the Head of the Department two weeks before the scheduled defense date.

After the defense, revisions need to be made as per the recommendations made by the defense committee.

  • Revised document should be submitted to the advisor for final approval.
  • Approved final documents need to be forwarded by the advisor to the Head of the Department.


Students have a maximum of one year to successfully defend their research papers. If defense (and assigning of grade) is not completed within one academic year, the students will receive a grade of ‘ZF’ for this course. Depending on the student’s academic record, a grade of ‘ZF’ could lead to academic probation or dismissal from the program.

Any student determined by the advisor or the defense committee as having violated any aspect of intellectual honesty, or who is determined as not putting forth sufficient effort or not demonstrating adequate progress may receive a failing grade.