MA in International Relations

An American School of Arts & Sciences in Thailand

Pursuing the MA in International Relations at the Webster University Thailand Campus Bangkok Center will offer you an unparalleled opportunity to understand the complexities of inter-state relations in a globalizing world. Living in the economic and political hub of continental Southeast Asia, you will have an opportunity to observe events first hand and to interact with leading diplomats, politicians, and business executives. 

In your courses, you will learn both the theories of international relations and the historical context of current events. Your studies will take an interdisciplinary approach to legal, historical, and context-sensitive socioeconomic and political factors that shape our world.

Our small, highly interactive classes will introduce you to professors and classmates from around the world. Internships and field study will offer you a chance to apply your studies to the real world.  

Your program will offer flexibility.  Our eight week terms permit students to study part time and to accommodate work and family requirements.  Students with an interest in business may take up to three electives in our Master of Business Administration program.

At graduation, you will be a true global citizen connected to a 100,000 person alumni network.  With your fully accredited degree, you will be ready for a successful career in government, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, or business and ready to take on the challenges of our changing world.