Business Course Listings

BUSN 1000 Business Spreadsheets (1) 

This course covers Excel spreadsheets applications used in business plans, analysis of financial statements and other business applications. 

This course may be repeated for credit if the content differs. 

BUSN 1200 Introduction to Business (3) 

This introductory course surveys the fundamental aspects of American business, including the private enterprise system, forms of business, financing, marketing, personnel, production, quantitative analysis and government regulations. 

BUSN 2100 Business Communications (3) 

Students develop the communication abilities in the areas of business formats, presentations, formal presentation of business data and oral communications related to business applications. 

BUSN 2210 Personal Finance (3) 

Students study the principles of managing individual and family income, expenditures and savings to meet present and future needs. Includes budgeting, investments, insurance, real estate, credit and taxation. 

BUSN 2750 Introduction to Statistics (3) 

This introductory course surveys the logic of empirical research and statistical tools: correlation techniques, chi square, critical ration, the “t”-test and analysis of variance. Prerequisite: MATH 1430 or equivalent. 

BUSN 3100 Issues in Business (1-3) 

This course analyzes both current and significant issues in business. The course material focuses on existing theories and practices with emphasis given to energizing topics, problems and possible solutions. Case studies are utilized in discussing each issue. 

This course may be repeated for credit if the content differs. 

BUSN 3700 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3) 

This course introduces the concept of entrepreneurship and its relationship with small business. The course focuses on activities involved in planning, organizing, establishing and controlling a small business. It includes procedures and problems in starting a new business, including managerial functions, marketing and financing a complete new enterprise, as well as the governmental regulations involved. 

BUSN 3710 Entrepreneurial Financial Management (3) 

This course will focus on the process an entrepreneur goes through to produce, understand, interpret and use basic financial information to start, manage, or grow their entrepreneurial organization. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, each decision you make has financial implications. Entrepreneurs must be able to generate and understand their financial information in order to evaluate their organization’s financial performance, to communicate clearly with their employees, bankers and stakeholders, as well as to incorporate financial information into their day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. 

BUSN 3750 Quantitative Methods (3) 

This course introduces the student to the basics of decision-making and common errors in decision-making. It will also familiarize the student with a number of decision-making techniques that can be used on real world problems, as well as in other courses in the program. Prerequisites: ACCT 2025, ECON 2020, and BUSN 2750. 

BUSN 4110 Operations Management (3) 

The course introduces a series of areas of management concern and the tools and techniques to analyze them to make good decisions based on the analysis. The focus of the course is on recognizing the tools that are appropriate for each situation and on mastering the use of the tools for analytical purposes. Prerequisites: ACCT 2025, ECON 2020, BUSN 2750, MNGT 2100, and FINC 3210.

BUSN 4300 Business Ethics (3) 

Business Ethics presents theories concerning the role of the firm and socioeconomic responsibilities to stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the community, the nation and the world. Cross-listed with RELG 4310. 

BUSN 4610 Reading Course (1-4) 

Prerequisite: filing of an official form. 

BUSN 4650 International Business (3) 

This is a survey of international business operations, including organizational structure, finance, taxation, marketing, cultural differences, global trade, capital markets and economic growth, the impact of regional trading blocs, corporate global competitiveness, and global strategies. Prerequisite: MNGT 2100. 

BUSN 4950 Internship (1-6) 

Prerequisite: major in Business Department. 

BUSN 4990 Business Policy (3) 

This course focuses on providing students the opportunity to develop experience and competence in using the theories, tools and concepts that they have learned during the program to analyze and solve organizational problems typical of those that they are likely to encounter in their first few years in management. The course will use case studies and/or simulations as the primary learning device(s). The simulation, covering decisions over multiple decision periods, will emphasize the dynamic nature of management decisions. Prerequisites: all of the required courses in the program and be within 15 credit hours of graduation.