ESL Program


The English as a Second Language ( ESL) program here at Webster University Thailand is designed to prepare our university level students for success. Our program helps students to develop the academic English language skills they need to be successful in our degree programs.

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We want every student at Webster to be successful and to receive that American degree in the shortest time possible. In order to do that, we first need to see how well a student is able to understand, speak, read and write English. If a student has graduated from high school in an English speaking country, and is fluent in the language, admission into the degree program is assured.

In order to be sure that all students have the necessary level of English to follow the lectures, cope with the reading assignments and submit acceptable written work, we rely on the results of an examination called the TOEFL* which is given around the world. A student’s score is given as a number from 310 to 677 and this score is used to decide where best to place a student in our ESL program.

At the beginning of a semester, a student either comes in with a TOEFL score or sits the TOEFL exam on campus before classes begin. If a student scores above 550, he or she is thought to have sufficient command of English to be successful in regular university level courses. These students are registered without restriction into the undergraduate degree program and may take courses according to their professed major.


A student with a score between 400 and 550 will be assigned to one of two college courses especially designed to build up their English skills. A test of written English is then administered by the University to decide which of the two basic courses will best suit a student’s English requirements, either ESLG 1000 (TOEFL 400 – 479) or ESLG 2000 (TOEFL 480- 549). Each of these university courses is worth nine credits toward a student’s Webster degree. Along with these intensive basic courses, students also take other college courses.

Schedule And Syllabi

ESLG 1000 and ESLG 2000 run three days a week for a total of three class periods a day. This is nearly nine hours per week of instruction in writing, reading, speaking and listening to English. A specific goal is improving each student’s TOEFL and writing scores. The emphasis in both these courses is on getting the student ready to move directly into the regular university degree program at the end of the semester.

At the end of the semester, each student in ESL1000 and ESL2000 takes the TOEFL and the test of written English again. If that score of 550 is reached, and the writing is satisfactory, the student moves into the regular degree program. If the score of 550 is not reached and the writing is poor, the student repeats either ESL 1000 or ESL 2000 depending on the score.


We are proud of the Webster program because it is based on the concept that all college courses contribute to the completion of a degree, especially those which concentrate on developing language skills. A motivated student can enter Webster with a score of 400 in the TOEFL, work hard in ESL 1000 for a semester, get a score of 550 or better and move directly into the regular university degree programs with 9 or more credits.

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