Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame of Webster Leiden Campus was established in 2014 to honor alumni who reflect high achievement in their chosen competitive arena.

Alumni who have made significant contributions and brought honor to their departments, and Webster Leiden Campus in general, are eligible for selection into the Webster Leiden Campus’ Hall of Fame.

Those nominated to the Hall of Fame have:

  • attended Webster Leiden Campus  and are a graduate thereof
  • demonstrated excellent academic, professional and/or community-oriented achievements
  • demonstrated achievements in line with Webster’s values: learning, diversity, excellence, and global citizenship
  • demonstrated achievements that have positively impacted the lives of others
  • made a significant contribution in their chosen area since their departure from Webster Leiden Campus
  • demonstrated significant leadership in their profession and community 

Wenjun Yu, BA '08, is a remarkable individual.

She has demonstrated that being a woman is not a limitation to succeeding in a man's world. She is the founder and director of the Yurope Group, a global steel trading organization, and contractor for steel-related projects.

Besides her success in the steel industry, she co-owns another company, AllAngels, with her best friends. AllAngels focuses on two areas: carefully selected sparkling wines and accessible development projects for underprivileged children.




Beer Brinkers, BA ’04 & MA ’07, is an entrepreneur to the core.

Along with his brother, Geert Brinkers, who is also an alum from Webster Leiden Campus, he owns a successful global business in the food industry.

His experience with students from different backgrounds and cultures is key to being successful in today’s globalized world. 


Sjoerd de Waal, MBA ’03, has trained, coached, and mentored various leaders. He has studied and practiced leadership for 25 years.

He believes that leaders are not born; they need to learn and become educated to become great leaders.

With his debut book ‘Lead Between the Lines,’ he teaches leaders to become great leaders.