Cake, Anyone? Webster University Honored with Three ‘Cakeway to the West’ Locations

Sculptures will remain on campus until the end of the year.

Two of the three cake sculpturesST. LOUIS (FEB. 18, 2014) - As many on Webster University’s home campus may have noticed, there is a quite large birthday cake located on the median at the intersection of Big Bend Blvd. and Edgar Rd., near the stoplight.

While it may seem like a random and unexpected thing, it’s actually a small part of a very large yearlong birthday celebration—creatively and meticulously executed—for the City of St. Louis.

This year marks St. Louis’s 250th birthday. As part of a semi-permanent visual of the celebration, the St. City is installing 250 “birthday cakes” at places of note throughout the city, decorated by local artists and designed specifically for the chosen destination. The “Cakeway to the West” locations were chosen via public online voting in January.

"Cakeway to the West's goal is to highlight a diverse array of places and their stories, which help us to better understand our past, mark the present and envision the future of the St. Louis region," said Erin Budde, executive director of stl250. "The 250 locations we selected range from landmark sites and outdoor spaces to places of note for our culture and heritage, as well as those that represent our community's innovative spirit. The contributions of Webster University and the Loretto-Hilton Theatre to our region's identity and success cut across those categories, making them both important sites for Cakeway to the West."

Selection Process

To be considered for Cakeway recognition, the location nominated has to fit into one of the five categories: landmark sites; heritage and culture; the great outdoors; local favorites; and innovation. Webster’s locations were chosen for the categories of innovation, heritage, and landmark. As its own entity housed on the University’s campus and exemplifying the arts, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and the Opera Theatre of St. Louis were both chosen as part of local favorite and heritage.

“Organizers of the celebration sought to identify sites with cultural, historical and community significance,” explained Jill Gerber, independent project manager for the stl250 celebration.  “Their geographic locations were also taken into consideration, making sure to represent every community of St. Louis.”

Webster Locations

With 3 million people and 130,000 businesses in the St. Louis metro area, it’s a great honor to be included in stl250’s “Cakeway to the West” locations. 

Webster University was chosen as the home for not one, not two, but three of these unique celebratory art pieces. Webster will celebrate its centennial in 2014-2015. In recognition of this 100-year history as a cultural fixture in the community, the cake near Big Bend Blvd. and Edgar Rd. acknowledges the University’s many contributions to the region. A second cake is located in the Loretto–Hilton Center in recognition of the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, the region’s premier live, professional theatre for the past 48 years.  

A third cake is on its way. It will celebrate The Opera Theatre of St. Louis and it most likely will be placed near the second cake in Loretto-Hilton, which was built on Webster’s campus in 1966 and also houses the University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

‘Cakeway’ Tour

If you haven’t yet had a chance to view the cakes, don’t worry. These 4 feet high structures of fiberglass goodness aren’t budging; weighted and professionally installed, they will be on display through the year’s end.

In addition, guests can check in online as they “visit” the cakes throughout the region using a smart-phone app designed for the project. Currently, the app required for check-in is available for download from the iTunes store; an Android app is also planned for the near future, pending approval from Google. You can keep up to date with the celebration on Facebook.

Persons curious about what other locations made the “Cakeway to the West", or are interested in other events planned for this yearlong celebration may visit