Textbook Services

Undergraduate tuition flat-fees (12-18 credits) and graduate tuition fees include textbooks and other reading material.

If students drop a class, they must return the material they have collected in new condition within the drop period; otherwise, the Business Office will charge your student account with the actual costs of the books. If students withdraw after the drop period, they may keep the textbooks.

Textbooks are available at the library on Monday and Tuesday between 9am - 8pm, and on Wednesday to Friday between 5pm - 8pm. Please contact us at library@webster.nl if you need to collect your books at a different time.

Textbooks are not included if an undergraduate student is registered for fewer than 12 credits. After the drop/add period the Business Office will charge your student account with the costs of the textbooks which you have collected.

Please note that if you register late for your courses (after the registration deadline) this will affect the availability of your textbooks and/or e-books at the beginning of the semester/term.


Textbooks for online courses

Students need to order the books for online courses themselves.

To find out which book(s) you need for your course, please visit the official St. Louis Bookstore:

Step 1: go to the online bookstore: http://www.bkstr.com/websteronlinestore/home

Step 2: click on “books”

Step 3: Enter the correct term and under Division choose ‘Online Programs’. Then select your department (choose the course code), and under “Course” select the course number. If applicable, select the appropriate section number under “Section.” After filling all this in, click Submit.

We highly recommend that you order your books from European sources (e.g. www.amazon.co.uk or www.bol.com) or an online platform.

To request reimbursement of expenditures made for textbooks in an online course, please send this form to library@webster.nl.