Spring 2017 Registration Undergraduate Students

January 16th - May 12th, 2017 

While preparing your Spring registration, take note of the following aspects:

  • COURSE SCHEDULES & YEAR PLANNERS: you can find them on http://www.webster.nl/current-students/schedules-and-course-syllabi/
  • YOUR MAJOR: Make sure you know your degree requirements: program requirementsand course descriptions can be found in the undergraduate catalog or on webster.nl for IBMS & ABSS.
  • GCP: Each degree has different components, and during the first two years of your degree, you will have to complete Webster’s Global Citizenship Program next to the requirements of your major. You can find the courses that meet different GCP areas. You can find all courses meeting GCP requirements here.
  • ELECTIVES or other requirements if you are an ABSS or IBMS student. You can also consult your Degree Audit under the Student Services tab in Connections, which gives you information about the open requirements in your degree. Take into account prerequisites when selecting courses.
  • YOUR PREFERRED COURSELOAD: The maximum course load per semester is 18 credits or 6 courses. The flat fee applies to registration from 12 credits (4 courses) to 18 credits per semester. Please note that the new academic year started in Summer and tuition fees are annually adjusted to inflation. (Flat fee rate 2016-2017: €8,000 including books)
  • YOUR PERSONAL AGENDA:  the course schedule has a daily overview of all courses, so you can fit your schedule to your work/social agenda outside of Webster.
  • YOUR PLANNED GRADUATION: If Spring 2017 is the last term for you on campus, (graduation date May 20th 2017 ), you will have to Petition to Graduate to formally request your degree completion. Without this request your diploma cannot be awarded. The deadline to petition for May 2017 is February 13th.
  • UNDERGRADUATE CATALOGInformation about your degree, the academic policies & procedures at Webster University 
  • RULES & REGULATIONSstudent handbook and all facts and info current students are supposed to know.

Once you have defined your schedule, or you have selected possible options for your Spring 2017 schedule:

  • Contact your Academic Advisor to finalize your registration. You can send an email with your preferred courses or schedule an appointment to discuss your planning.
  • Note that a late registration fee of €100 will be charged for registration requests after December 9th 2016.

Lisa Foss:  foss@webster.nl 
Ester Blom (IR majors): blom@webster.nl         


Dates Spring 2017 (Webster Leiden & online, undergraduate)

Spring semester:     Monday January 16th  to Friday, May 6th  2017
Spring 1 on campus:    Monday, January 16th to Friday, March 10th 2017
Spring 1 online: First login Friday, January 13th 2017
Break week Monday March 13th to Friday, March 17th  2017
Spring 2 online: First login Friday,  March 17th  2017
Spring 2 on campus: Monday, March 20th to Friday, May 6th 2017