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Media and Communication for Everyone

Webster Leiden Campus — a great place to build your future in this dynamic field of Media and Communications!

In this program, students explore the design, delivery, and effects of media messages in a range of communication fields and across multiple communication platforms. Media studies as a Major approaches media from both academic and practical standpoints, and helps students develop diverse professional portfolios and skills for a variety of media careers. The Media Studies Minor provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a variety of careers within any organization that uses and values communication. This degree is also designed to offer students the flexibility to specialize in a particular area of communications.


  • It is a hands-on program that balances practical media skills with theoretical courses. The hands-on program balances practical and theoretical courses provide you with a range of essential media skills and an academic path.
  • Emphasis on multimedia storytelling (writing, visuals, traditional and new media channels).
  • Gives a critical thinking approach and understanding of the dynamic field of media and communications and its impact on society.
  • Small classes: a personalized learning model taught by lecturer-professors and local and international professionals.

Requirements for a BA in Media Studies


Why Media Studies at Leiden Campus?

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It prepares you to build up a successful career in the dynamic field of media and communications.

It teaches valuable skills in oral, visual, and written communications.

It gives you the opportunity to do an internship or write a thesis.

You want to have an international experience and the opportunity to study abroad at another Webster Campus.

At the Webster Leiden campus, you will learn social media strategies and gain critical thinking proficiency some of the key skills that employers are looking for in many career fields from highly qualified professionals and lecturers currently working in the field.

You will have the opportunity to publish your work and practice your skills at Webstercanal, a Multimedia Student platform (Leiden Campus)

Webster students outside of Leiden campus

Quotes from Webster Leiden Media Communications students

“At Webster, I really enjoyed the range of professors and diverse classroom environments. Photography courses were my favorite because they taught me useful practical skills working with a visual medium, all while developing my own artistic style. Courses in communications taught me to be a great writer and communicator in a multitude of media contexts. In addition, the international atmosphere at Webster University has taught me many valuable lessons and I've had the opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world.”

— Nikki Jennings

“I really appreciated the fact that we were treated as future colleagues in addition to students. The classes focused not only on the subject matter but also on how the subject matter is relevant to the real world, equipping us with important logistical information that will be helpful as we move into the art world.”

— Soph Guatam

Career Prospects

Graduates with a degree in Media Communication have many career options, including media marketing, social media manager, video/film production, public relations, and advertising, broadcast journalism, specialized journalism, film producer and web content management. Many Webster students decide to do an internship during their studies in order to develop their skills in a particular area in the field. This way, they can acquire the necessary practical experience and skills to work in the real world.

With a Media Studies degree, you could be a:

  • Digital marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Media/Market researcher
  • Television/film/video producer/director
  • Web content manager
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Event manager
  • Marketing/Advertising executive
  • Photographer
  • Writer/Technical Writer
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