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Our Living and Learning Center is conveniently located within walking distance from our main building, approximately two minutes on foot. Built in 1929 with unique architecture, the building contains more than 60 private studio apartments, teaching facilities, a private courtyard and a lounge for our students to sit back and relax.

Students talking and laughing in the hallway in the dormitory
Outside of a residential building
Staircase with stained glass windows in dorm building
Common area in one of the residential buildings
Common area in one of the residential buildings
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Two students sitting at a table talking in dorm.
Students in dorm room talking
Large boats sit in the water in front of the Living Learning Center in Leiden

Helping Fulfill Students' Housing Needs

Large boats sit in the water in front of the Living Learning Center in Leiden

The Living and Learning Center offers housing for international students via DUWO, a local housing agency. We create the best possible environment for our students with clean, secure and enjoyable student housing. As there is limited availability, you are highly advised to request housing as early as possible.

Residential Housing

Accommodation in the Living and Learning Center is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient accommodation available for all students who request housing before the deadline. Accommodation priority is given to first-year students. The maximum rental contract duration is one year and extensions are not possible. See our Finding Housing Yourself tab for advice.

Housing Process

  1. Your first step to apply for housing is to complete the Housing Request Form. Once submitted, you will receive an email with further steps.
  2. If available, you will be assigned a room through and provided with login information.
  3. Register at and accept your spot.
  4. Activate your DUWO account and upload the required documents. This usually consists of a proof of identity, such as your passport or ID card.
  5. DUWO will review your document(s) in five working days.
  6. Once DUWO accepts your documents, pay your bill and sign your online contract on their website. You will get a maximum of two weeks to complete this.
  7. Review the DUWO terms and conditions for tenancy regulations, policies, and contract extension and termination.
  8. Arrive on the day your rental period starts. Make sure to also communicate your arrival date with our resident or housing assistants.
  9. Pick up your keys from the DUWO office.
  10. Check the inventory list to ensure that all the items in the room are accounted for and in good condition. If you do see any inconsistencies or problems, make sure to immediately report them to DUWO through a contact form.

Please go over this housing checklist for additional information.

Located in the city center, the Living and Learning Center (LLC) offers a convenient and comfortable living experience to all students. The 60+ private studios in our student dormitory are furnished with the essentials: including a toilet, kitchenette, bed, closet, small bookcase, coffee table, armchair, desk lamp, floor light and ceiling lamp. Additionally, each tenant is provided with internet access. The LLC also has a private courtyard, private bikeshed, laundry facilities on each floor, a fitness room and a student lounge with a kitchen, tables, sofas and a flat-screen TV.

The private courtyard offers residents a peaceful outdoor space to unwind and socialize with friends. Our housing boasts a stunning view of a picturesque Dutch canal.

Housing costs at the Living and Learning Center (via DUWO) vary depending on the room size and type, and will be specified in your rental agreement. Rent consists of basic rent and service costs that cover electricity, gas, water and cleaning. 

Single Room 1025 - 1106 euros per month
Double Room 545 - 820 euros per month

In addition, we charge a 275 euro administrative fee and a 50 euro allocation fee.

If you receive a tenancy agreement but decide not to sign it, for any reason, DUWO will charge administration costs. For more information visit the DUWO website.

DUWO will terminate your reservation if you do not pay your first bill within two weeks of placing your initial reservation. Via your DUWO account, you may request to terminate your tenancy agreement in the event of unintentional and unforeseen changes to the tenants personal circumstances. For any further details regarding cancellation policies, please contact DUWO directly for assistance. 

If the Living and Learning Center is full or cannot accommodate you, then you must arrange housing yourself. Leiden is an attractive and popular student city. It can therefore be difficult and time consuming to find inexpensive housing. It is essential that you start looking for housing as early as you can. Do not limit your search to Leiden, but also explore surrounding cities and towns, such as the Hague, Oegstgeest and Voorschoten. You can find housing through the following ways:

In order to avoid being scammed, it is essential to exercise caution when searching for housing. Always do research prior to committing to any housing option.

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