Webster Leiden Recognized in International Education Magazine by Leiden Education Fieldlab

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Webster Leiden campus was featured in the first edition of International Education Magazine, published by Leiden Education Fieldlab (LEF). The LEF conducts extensive research on international education in the Leiden region, sharing valuable knowledge and fostering opportunities for education professionals.

The magazine showcases the work of Farah Nikijuluw, who conducted a year-long research project on the internationalization of education in Leiden, with a focus on the primary level. Nikijuluw's aspirations to expand her research into higher education are explored in our feature article, highlighting the potential for future studies in this area.

As the city of Leiden increasingly emerges as a prominent hub for internationals, the demand for an education that is comprehensive and globally relevant has also grown. At Webster Leiden Campus, we strive to meet this demand by providing an exceptional educational experience that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's global marketplace.

Our feature article in International Education Magazine captures the essence of our global institution, emphasizing our strong commitment to Study Abroad programs, our innovative Liberal Arts curriculum, and our distinctive Global Citizenship Program. Webster Leiden and Webster University as a whole, is a melting pot of global leaders who celebrate diversity and actively contribute to the vibrant social and academic community. Our educational philosophy is grounded in a comprehensive, globally oriented approach that sets us apart.

Read our featured article in International Education Magazine.

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