Career Services Trade Event


In November, 2014,  Career Services organized an evening event focused on the world of trade to allow students and alumi to gain insights into this very large industry. With approximately 80 students and alumi attending the interest was proven to be strong.

Guillaume Aspromonte, Executive Manager of Ampersand World, (top trade recruiter in Geneva) presented, organized the panelists and moderated the evening.

  • John Patrick Keane, the Managing Director of Petroconsult; oil trader.
  • David Alacid, Commodity and Freight trading at DH Minerals (Hanson group)
  • Richard Evrard, Global Head of Trade Finance at Mercuria
  • Massimo Guidi Owners and Founder of G&G Trade Support

5 senior executives offered numerous insights into what skills are on needed to be successful in the world of trade including details on various various careers in trade. The question-and-answer period allowed for an exciting and in-depth exchange of facts and opinions. Thereafter students and alumi were able to engage in a networking session with the five presenters during which refreshments were served.