Summer Learning Communities

Study at Webster (for part of) this Summer* There are many more reasons to stay and study in Geneva this summer, other than the great weather! Talk to your Advisor about our special courses and clusters offered on campus. *Start May 18, finish June 27

Webster Geneva Campus is expanding its offer of Clusters and Courses this summer. These clusters of three courses each are open to all undergraduate students in the Webster University network. Five clusters and one stand-alone course will be offered over a six-week period (instead of the regular eight-week term).

There are many benefits to enrolling in a summer Cluster:

  • Exposure to topics that future employers will care about.
  • Field trips to local organizations and sites.
  • In just six weeks you can earn nine credit hours.
  • You can fast-track some of your academic and/or GCP requirements.
  • Webster Geneva Campus students will be awarded a CHF 2,000 scholarship towards fall tuition, once the courses are successfully completed.
  • For Study Abroad students, housing will be reduced by 80%.

The Clusters offered at Webster Geneva Campus between May 18 and June 27, 2015 are:

“The Brain, Mind and Social Networks” (PDF)

  • PSYC 3350 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 3000 Neuroscience and the Brain
  • PSYC 3000 Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships

“Sustainability” (PDF)

  • SUST 1000 Introduction to Sustainable Studies (GCP)
  • PHIL 2320 Contemporary Moral Problems (GCP)
  • MNGT 3100 Issues in Management; Multinational Corporations

“Switzerland and its Diversity” (PDF)

  • INTL 2610 Advocacy, NGO’s and Civil Society
  • ILC 2150 Topics in Culture – The History and Art of Switzerland (CPP)
  • ILC 2150 Topics in Culture – Plurilingual Switzerland (GCP)

ldquo;Advancing Human Rights” (PDF)

  • MEDC 1630 Media Literacy (GCP)
  • HRTS 2500 Current Problems in Human Rights (GCP)
  • SOCI 2175 Social Movements (GCP)

“Innovation in the Arts” (PDF)

  • MEDC 1050 Media Writing (GCP)
  • PHOT 1010 Basic Digital Photography (GCP)
  • ARHS 2200 Current Art (GCP)

For more details, or to sign up for one of these clusters, contact Amanda Callendrier ( or Joe Pirri ( in Advising Office.

“Business English for the Global Workplace” (PDF)

This English course is open to Webster and non-Webster students. It will be offered on campus in the evenings over a six-week period. For more information on this course, contact Holli Schauber (