Azania Noah Visits Marketing Class

Azania Group Photo

Students in a recent marketing class were treated to a visit from Webster Geneva Campus alumna Azania Noah who was a contestant on the French version of ‘The Voice’ this year. She was invited by faculty member Ron Banks who asked her to speak about her use of traditional and social media to build her brand.

Banks explained, “I had lunch with Azania several months ago and I discovered how she was using social media to build her fan base and do help her define her marketing strategies to build the "Azania Noah" brand. Since social media is a big part of marketing, I thought the students would benefit from hearing from someone who is using social media and is a successful Webster graduate.”

The students were able to ask about how Azania’s brand was marketed before and after The Voice, and about the business side of being part of a large television franchise. They described the experience as "immensely important" and will be using the information they gained to develop their class projects this term.