Humans of Webster with Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan 1 (002)

Text: Brandon Hartley

Ryan Fitzgerald is a new student at Webster Leiden. He transferred to the Netherlands from the main Webster campus in St. Louis, Missouri. Ryan is currently a junior majoring in Film Production with a minor in Photojournalism.

“We got in last month so I haven’t even been here a month yet. We went to the IKEA in the Hague, I believe, but we didn’t get to see the city that much. I’ve been walking around Leiden a lot though and it’s really cool. It’s a very inviting community with great hospitality. Everything’s clean and well kept and maintained. I like how pretty all the buildings are and the flowers too. I love the flowers.

I’m an undergrad right now. I eventually want to get into a graduate program on the east or west coast in the United States and get a masters degree in Journalism. After that, I’ll hopefully work for a company like CNN or Frontline and make documentaries for them.”