Student in the Spotlight with Adelaida Zakharova

Adel Photo

By Brandon Hartley

Where are you from originally?

My hometown is called Saratov. It’s in Russia on the Volga River. I was lucky to be born there because it’s a student town. It has lots of schools and universities like a law school, a music school and a medical school. Lots of foreigners study there and it’s really cool.

How long have you been in the Netherlands?

Since just last year so I’m still pretty fresh. I came to switch my career. I stay in the Hague because it’s an international environment and my ideal job is to work in an international organization. I decided to do some more studies because my previous master's degree is in Public Relations and Marketing. I decided to switch to International Relations, which I’m doing right now, because I wanted to learn more about international politics, economics and what’s happening in the world. I’m really happy to be doing that here in Leiden.

When did you begin your studies at Webster Leiden and are you involved in any clubs?

I’m halfway through the program. I started in March. I’m also in the student government and I help organize events at the school.

What are some of the classes that you’ve taken at the university?

International Political Economy, Globalization and a lot of classes about politics and some electives like Management. It’s all really interesting.

What would be your perfect job?

I would like to work in the UN or for the International Criminal Court. I think it would be a great way to use my knowledge and would provide great potential for my career goals.


10 Things About Adelaida

Favorite food?

I love Italian food like pasta.

Favorite app?

Google Maps. It helps me get around.

Latest Google search?

I just found this place in Italy. It’s a small island inside Lake Garda and it’s so beautiful. It has thermal waters and great food.

Best spot in Leiden?

I want to check out a cafe that I heard about earlier today ('t Suppiershuysinghe). It might become my favorite one.

Favorite book?

It would be difficult to pick a favorite book. I read a lot during my Russian education. I like Dostoyevsky and Chekhov.

Next trip you would like to take?

I want to go to Argentina for Christmas.

Favorite movie?

I can’t pick one.

Facebook or Instagram?

I don’t use either.

Europe or the United States?

I haven’t been to the United States but I like it over here in Europe very much.

What three items would you take to a desert island other than food and water?

A bikini, some sunscreen and a shirt, I guess.