Why study Cyber Security?

Take a Bite Out of Crime With Webster’s MS Cybersecurity Program!

With identity thieves now targeting everything from LinkedIn to your favorite local cafe, the need for Cybersecurity Experts is greater than ever, especially here in the Netherlands. Currently, it’s one of the fastest growing employment industries in the country and the number of vacancies has increased by a dramatic 53.4% in 2014 and 2015 alone.

A Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity from Webster University will help you prepare for a rewarding career in either public or private sectors where you’ll get to oversee and protect vital computer systems, information networks and much more.

The university’s program consists of eight core courses that cover both basic and advanced theories of cybersecurity along with emphasizing important threat-resolution and problem-solving measures. You can also choose from four additional elective courses among seven different options that will teach you about specialized aspects of the field. 

Even better, the flexibility of the program is great for those juggling other responsibilities like a full-time job. There are multiple enrollment dates throughout the year and the courses can be taken either online or off at Webster’s Leiden campus and/or its Amsterdam location in the WTC. The program also includes the Cybersecurity Threat Detection Certificate, which students can earn prior to completing their degree, thus giving them a jumpstart on their new career.

Webster’s small class sizes also mean that each student receives more support from their instructors than they might find at a larger university. The faculty members in the Cybersecurity program are also experienced professionals from the industry. Not only will they be able to prepare you for a career, they’ll help you play a part in the global battle against cybercrime.

"It’s in the papers all the time: stories of hacked company computer systems and sensitive government data leaked by cyber-criminals,” says Jean Paul van Marissing, Director of Webster Leiden. ”Lots of employers assume it will never happen to them – until it does and your entire business is paralyzed for days, or even weeks, on end. It’s only after their houses are burgled that people start thinking about locks and alarm systems. Unfortunately, there is a similar situation as far as cybercrime is concerned.”

If you think that you’re ready to join the fight against these criminals, then Webster’s Cybersecurity program may be right for you. If you would like additional information or to fill out an application, contact Webster University’s Netherlands’ admissions office at admissions@webster.nl