Humans of Webster Leiden with Erissa Miyandira

Erissa Miyandira

Erissa Miyandira is originally from Indonesia but she also lived for a few years in Singapore. She’s currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Webster Leiden.“I was born and raised in Bali. That’s where I come from in Indonesia. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at James Cook University in Singapore and then I came here.I’ve always wanted to come to the Netherlands but I don’t really know why. I also wanted to study Counseling Psychology. I searched to see if there were any programs on the subject in the Netherlands and I found Webster Leiden. It’s great because it’s an American university. I don’t know where I will work after I graduate but with an American degree I think I can go almost anywhere. I could go to Australia because my first university is based in Australia. I could also go back to Singapore or Indonesia. It’s pretty flexible and I love the program.”