Humans of Webster Leiden with Sheila-Marie Supelana

Humans of Webster Leiden with Sheila-Marie Supelana Sheila-Marie Supelana grew up in the Philippines but she lived in Germany for seven years. She moved to the Netherlands to attend Webster Leiden and is currently an undergrad in Psychology.



“I’m quite new here. I started in August of 2016. I really love the way Professor Shah teaches. Many of my professors have been very good. I really like that the classes here are small. I think, on average, about fifteen students. Prior to coming here, I attended a university in Germany. It had gigantic lecture halls with 300 people. Here at Webster Leiden things are different and I really love it.


After I graduate, I would like to enroll in a master’s program and continue with Psychology. I would really love to continue studying here in Holland. I’ve been learning Dutch and took a class last semester. I will continue because I want to stay here. It’s a bit easier for me because I speak fluent German.”