Humans of Webster Leiden with Fernanda Borges

Fernanda Fernanda Borges is originally from Brazil. She moved to the Netherlands in 2012 after her father relocated here to begin a new career. She’s currently studying International Relations at Webster Leiden.

“I’m a senior now. Marije Balt is one of my favorite teachers. She’s a former diplomat for the Dutch government and she also gave me the opportunity to do an internship at her company. I learned a lot from her because she’s one of the professors I’ve had that’s worked in the field. It was good to learn from her experiences, everything she’s done and all the traveling too. I’m also taking Current Problems in Human Rights with Dr. Kingston. She’s from the St. Louis campus and she’s amazing. She’s really passionate about the subject.

Right now, I’m in the middle of applying to many different graduate schools here in the Netherlands and a few in Belgium. I’m waiting for the results but I want to do a master’s degree in International Relations. I want to work here but I don’t know what yet exactly. Everything is really fascinating. I just want to experience a little bit of each thing and then decide after.”