Student in the Spotlight with Anita Gashi

Student in the Spotlight: Anita Gashi

By Brandon Hartley

Student in the Spotlight with Anita GashiAnita Gashi is a junior studying Business Administration and Psychology at Webster Leiden. In this interview, she talked about her favorite classes at the university and why she decided to come to the Netherlands.

Where are you from?

Kosovo. It’s here in Europe and it’s a new country. I was born and raised in the capital city of Pristina. Then I moved to Holland when I was 18.

Why did you decide to attend a university in the Netherlands?

My dad has lived in the Netherlands for about eight years. I wanted to get an American education somewhere in Europe. I heard about Webster Geneva Campus when I was still in high school and learned that they have a campus in Leiden near where my dad lives. So I decided to check it out and I ended up liking it. I like the smaller scale university and the personalized classrooms.

Have you been involved with any student organizations at Webster Leiden?

I’m in the Honors Program and I’m a European Scholar. We organize different events with people from embassies. We also do lectures, discussions and presentations of different sorts. We’ve had charity events and a screening of a movie about educating women in developing countries. I’ve also helped with opening days for Webster and I’m currently co-chairing the Business Club.

What have been some of your favorite classes?

My most favorite has been Advertising with Professor Randy Bootland. It was fun with a lot of theory but also a lot of practical work. We had creative people taking the class that brought a lot of ideas to life. Currently, I’m taking a business policy class that’s very difficult and challenging. It’s a very hands-on experience and we do an online simulation that allows us to run our own business with another student. I, basically, serve as the board of directors and I have to make decisions based on what I learn from simulated departments at a microchip company like research and development, HR and quality management.

Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?

I’m not exactly sure. Right now I’m really in the flow of my studies. I might go into a master’s program.

10 Things About Anita

  1. Favorite food? Sushi.
  2. Favorite app? Instagram or Snapchat. I can’t decide.
  3. Latest Google search? Theses about emotional intelligence.
  4. Best spot in Leiden? Grabbing a smoothie from Soups & Salads and just sitting by a canal. It’s very soothing.
  5. Favorite book? I like poetry but I don’t have a favorite poet.
  6. Next trip you would like to take? New York City. I’ve never been there.
  7. Favorite movie? A movie I watched recently that I really liked was Passengers.
  8. Facebook or Instagram? Instagram.
  9. Europe or the United States? I haven’t been to America so Europe.
  10. What three items would you take to a desert island other than food and water? A bikini, a camera and my partner.